Tales of Tone and Volume


Due to public interest we are now offering the BM instrumental CD from the ‘Tales of Tone and Volume’ BM luxury book release. The CD features BM original instrumental backing tracks, with a BM lead guitar version using various vintage guitars from his collection. Think of it as ‘Jam with Bernie’ Volume 2!’

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Please note:
As originally advertised, the first 500 orders received will include a plectrum. As this figure has been reached, orders received after 8th August will still be signed copies but will not include the Trios plectrum.

Important NOTE

Please do not post you own copies of LP’s or CD’s for Bernie to sign, either to Bernie or his agent.

There have been instances of such items getting lost in the post, which is very unfortunate for all concerned.

Bernie is always happy to sign these in person at gigs.

Thank you.