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Update from Bernie

Hi folks,

I apologise for updates on the BM website being somewhat limited as of late! But, due to the pandemic, of course, there hasn’t been a great deal of things to report to you all. But I have been active, honest! 

I try to post a few things on social media, but appreciate that not everyone follows me over there so thought I’d share a post direct to the website.

I wanted to be clear about that fact that ALL my performances for the rest of this year, 2021, have been cancelled. Covid is still out there in high numbers, and I have seen many friends attempt to play shows recently, only to rehearse, advertise, and promote shows that then just get cancelled – and I don’t want to do that to my band or to my fans. I hope to see you all out there in 2022.

Secondly, I have been busy promoting the KINGS album since the start of summer. It is doing very well I’m pleased to say, was #1 in the U.K. blues charts and was in the top 100 National chart at number 18! Thank you so much to all who pre-ordered signed copies from the website, they all counted as official chart sales. I truly thank everyone for the unparalleled support. 

The follow up album, CHESS, will be out on the 26th of November, and is available now to pre-order from my website. Just like before, any pre-ordered copy from the website will come signed and with a ‘Chess’ plectrum. They went fast last time, so please do pre-order if you can! 

I’ve spent some time recording new original material throughout the last year, and revisiting some great sessions with the late Jimmy Copley on drums. He was quitely brilliant, and I miss him so much. Speaking of Jimmy, I have also discovered a lot of extras from the ‘Stacks’ sessions – remixes, rough mixes, extra guitars work. Jimmy is spectacular on that, of course. These are probably for sometime in 2022.

The Steelhouse Festival in July was fantastic, I was very moved by the reception I received. It was great for all the musicians to get on a giant stage again at last and do our jobs!

I’m working on a follow up book to WMG, the first one was so well-acclaimed by critics and fans that I’ve been asked for a follow up. I also have new signature guitar pick ups available from the ‘Cream T’ company in the U.K. I’m in good company with ZZTop’s Billy Gibbons! There is also an exciting guitar project developing that I can’t say too much about at this time, but I’m very excited about it… More soon on that! 

Keep safe folks, and hope to see you out there soon.

October 2021

Important NOTE

Please do not post you own copies of LP’s or CD’s for Bernie to sign, either to Bernie or his agent.

There have been instances of such items getting lost in the post, which is very unfortunate for all concerned.

Bernie is always happy to sign these in person at gigs.

Thank you.