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Big Boy Blue (Original Double CD)


1.  Burn Your Bridges
2. Working For The CSA
3. Man Or Mouse
4. Dream On
5. Downhome Blues
6. Lady Friend
7. Memphis
8. Funny People
9. Loved Another Woman
10. Pick It Up
11. Do It If You Wanna
12. Place In My Heart
13. Tone Down
14. Downhome Blues (Live Video)

1. Wiggin’s Wail (Alternate Mix)
2. Someday After (Alternate Mix)
3. Dream On (Session Outtake)
4. Working For The CSA (Session Outtake)
5. I’m Tore Down
6. Pick It Up (Acoustic Demo)
7. Pick It Up Groove (Session Outtake / No Dobro Guitar)
8. Do It If You Wanna (Alternate Mix)
9. Place In My Heart (Alternate Vocal Mix Version)
10. Funny People (Alternate Harmonica Mix Version)
11. If You Be My Baby (Unreleased Version)
12. Place In My Heart (Unreleased Instrumental Mix)
13. Funny People (Live Video)

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Important NOTE

Please do not post you own copies of LP’s or CD’s for Bernie to sign, either to Bernie or his agent.

There have been instances of such items getting lost in the post, which is very unfortunate for all concerned.

Bernie is always happy to sign these in person at gigs.

Thank you.