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Kings, Chess & Trios LPs


This multi buy includes:

  • Kings Black Vinyl LP
  • Chess Black Vinyl LP
  • Trios Black Vinyl LP

Side 1
1 Don’t You Lie To Me
2 Key To The Highway
3 Help Me Through The Day
4 I’ll Play The Blues For You
5 Woman Across The River
6 Help The Poor

Side 2
1 Me And My Guitar
2 Living On The Highway
3 You Got To Love Her With A Feeling
4 Same Old Blues
5 Runaway
6 Uptown Train

Side 1
1 Just Your Fool
2 Back in the USA
3 Grits Ain’t Groceries
4 I’m Ready
5 You Can’t Judge a Book
6 I Can’t Hold On

Side 2
1 Won’t Be Hanging Around
2 Fattening Frogs For Snakes
3 That’s Alright
4 Who’s Been Talking
5 Lester
6 Johnny

Side 1
1 Black Cat Moan
2 Driftin’ Blues
3 Funk #49
4 Never In My Life
5 Outside Woman Blues
6 Drifting

Side 2
1 Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo
2 Same Old Story
3 Spanish Castle Magic
4 Too Rolling Stoned
5 Na Na Na


Important NOTE

Please do not post you own copies of LP’s or CD’s for Bernie to sign, either to Bernie or his agent.

There have been instances of such items getting lost in the post, which is very unfortunate for all concerned.

Bernie is always happy to sign these in person at gigs.

Thank you.